Study Recommends Urban Village For Fort Lauderdale

November 7th, 2014

A new Urban Land Institute study claims that the success of uptown Fort Lauderdale depends on pedestrians.

The study recommends transforming the car-dependent employment center around Cypress Creek Road near I-95 into a progressive urban village.

“We need to create a sense of place,” Cary Goldberg, president of Envision Uptown, a nonprofit group of business, education and government leaders mapping out a strategy for the area, told the Sun-Sentinel. “A place where you literally never get into a car.”

Uptown already benefits for having the highest density of workers in Broward County, with about 70,000 commuters.

“It is the only place in Broward County where as soon as you get off the major highway, you are in the major place of employment,” Goldberg said.


Source: The Real Deal

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