Boca Raton marketing startup joins Google program

March 3rd, 2017

Boca Raton marketing startup 3Cinteractive will collaborate with Google to provide businesses with enhanced features to the standard messaging experience across different devices and networks.

Today, businesses across the globe regularly use SMS to communicate with their customers. Through the Google Early Access Program, participating companies will be able to send more useful, detailed and actionable messages to clients through advanced analytics and other features. This layered form of messaging is known as rich communication systems.

“This evolution to RCS is essential as we are quickly becoming a society of messaging-first communication,” said Steve Murphy, chief information officer at 3C. “RCS will enable everything, from chat to conversational commerce, which will be fundamental aspects of how consumers communicate with one another, as well as how brands communicate with their customers.”

Google rolled out Early Access beta testing in 2016, broadening participants in September. 3C will be on hand next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, to demonstrate the new technology with brand client, Walgreens.

Source: SFBJ

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