Eltringham Law Group

May 18th, 2015

My law firm was growing and we were referred to Whelchel Partners as the best in Boca Raton for commercial real estate.   Kristy is the consummate real estate professional and displayed an incredible knowledge of the market combined with a keen understanding of our business needs for now and the future.

After hearing my wish list, Kristy quickly guided me to an off market deal which turned out to be the perfect fit.  This deal got done in record time, without any haggling, primarily because of the owner’s obvious trust and respect for Kristy. Having her at my side was like being introduced and vouched for by a family member.  I had so much confidence in her judgment and integrity.  I never once had to question whether this was the best situation for my firm.

Kristy Hartofilis and the service from Whelchel Partners are simply a big cut above the rest.  I recommend them to any business looking to find the perfect space.

David Eltringham, Esq.

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