Office Building Classifications

May 7th, 2012

Within the commercial real estate market, office buildings are generally sorted into Class A, Class B, and Class C properties.  Each individual property is graded based on the comparative qualities of other local properties.  For example, a Class A property in one city may easily be considered a Class C property in a city with a greater variety of office buildings.  Such classifications are location specific and only serve to help those within the commercial real estate market easily identify the quality of an office building within their area.

Class A – Highest Quality Buildings within Local Market

  • Easy Access
  • Good Location
  • Most Attractive
  • Newer Construction (Under 10 Years)
  • Priciest Rent
  • Professionally Managed
  • Superior Infrastructure

Class B – Mid-Quality Buildings within Local Market

  • Investment Opportunities
  • Modest Rent
  • Older Construction (10-20 Years)
  • Professionally Managed
  • Well-Maintained

Class C – Low Quality Buildings within Local Market

  • Bad Location
  • Dilapidated Property
  • Lowest Rent
  • Older Construction (20+ Years)
  • Outdated Infrastructure
  • Re-Development Opportunities

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