Boca Raton International Trade Show To Showcase The Best Of Boca Business On September 26

September 24th, 2014

The Boca Raton International Trade Show returns for its second year on Friday, September 26.

The event, in which attracted over 20 exhibitors last year and over 1,000 attendees, will have their second annual event on September 26 from 12pm – 7pm at Palm Beach State College.

While the Trade Show will focus on businesses highlighting the companies to the public, free business seminars will be taking place simultaneously, hosted by The Small Business Development Center of Palm Beach State College.

The seminars will range from a wide variety of topics, including: How to do business as a woman, minority, or veterans, How to fill out export documentations, how to improve your Social Media presence and your website’s SEO, and How to advertise and market your business.

Many companies have already signed up as exhibitors in this year’s Trade Show, including The Boca Raton Tribune. Others include: Carlson Realty Team, Image 360, Gazetta Brazilian News, Shrimp House, Oxford Realty Group, Americas Franchising Group, Palm Beach State College, and many others.

The Boca Raton International Trade Show already has the support of not only The Boca Raton Tribune, but also of Gazeta News, the largest Brazilian newspaper in the United States, The Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, the NetHispanos,. Banco do Brasil Americas signed on as the major sponsor just a few weeks ago. Banco do Brasil Americas, which is headquartered in Florida and was established in 2012 in succession to EuroBank. Banco do Brasil Americas has brought along more than 200 years of experience and credibility from its shareholder: Banco do Brasil.

For additional information on the events, or how to become a sponsor, contact Gabriela Heizer at 561-807-6300, ext 1001 or via email at gabriela@bocaratontribune.com.


Source: Boca Raton Tribune

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