Boca Raton Company Introduces Biometric Alternative To Passwords

October 2nd, 2014

A Boca Raton company aims to replace passwords with software that observes your eyes, fingers and other characteristics over time.

Identify Security Software’s iDentifyME constantly records and updates a computer user’s appearance and biometric traits. “In order to remove the burden of self-identification from the client, the authentication process needs to be autonomous,” Identify CTO Asad Syed said in a news release.

The software is a response to numerous cybersecurity breaches in recent months, including high-profile cases where consumer data was compromised at Target, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot.

As cybersecurity breaches continue to make headlines, biometric software is likely to replace passwords, South Florida data privacy expert Luis Salazar told the South Florida Business Journal in August.

“At some point, people need to move away from using passwords as a way for getting into an account,” said Salazar, who heads the Data Privacy Practice Group at Miami law firm Salazar Jackson.


Source: SFBJ

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